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Transfer Prices from: Viñales
Destinations Distance
Price CUC
1 CUC = 1.149 USD
Caleton Booking Taxi: Viñales - Caleton 470 Km
5 Hours
145.00 CUC Standard
245.00 CUC Minivan
145.00 CUC Classic
Cayo Guillermo Booking Taxi: Viñales - Cayo Guillermo 812 Km
8.30 Hours
548.00 CUC Standard
710.00 CUC Minivan
390.00 CUC Classic
Cayo Santa María Booking Taxi: Viñales - Cayo Santa María 612 Km
8 Hours
408.00 CUC Standard
530.00 CUC Minivan
295.00 CUC Classic
Cienfuegos Booking Taxi: Viñales - Cienfuegos 475 Km
5 Hours
280.00 CUC Standard
310.00 CUC Minivan
Havana Booking Taxi: Viñales - Havana 190 Km
2.30 Hours
115.00 CUC Standard
165.00 CUC Minivan
120.00 CUC Classic
Havana Airport Booking Taxi: Viñales - Havana Airport 205 Km
2.30 Hours
110.00 CUC Standard
160.00 CUC Minivan
120.00 CUC Classic
Las terrazas Booking Taxi: Viñales - Las terrazas 140 Km
1.30 Hours
101.00 CUC Standard
129.00 CUC Minivan
70.00 CUC Classic
María la gorda Booking Taxi: Viñales - María la gorda 180 Km
2.30 Hours
127.00 CUC Standard
163.00 CUC Minivan
90.00 CUC Classic
Pinar del Rio Booking Taxi: Viñales - Pinar del Rio 25 Km
30 min
21.00 CUC Standard
26.00 CUC Minivan
20.00 CUC Classic
Santa Clara Booking Taxi: Viñales - Santa Clara 502 Km
6 Hours
336.00 CUC Standard
437.00 CUC Minivan
240.00 CUC Classic
Soroa Booking Taxi: Viñales - Soroa 120 Km
1 Hours
60.00 CUC Standard
90.00 CUC Minivan
65.00 CUC Classic
Trinidad Booking Taxi: Viñales - Trinidad 560 Km
6 Hours
270.00 CUC Standard
420.00 CUC Minivan
270.00 CUC Classic
Varadero Booking Taxi: Viñales - Varadero 400 Km
4.30 Hours
155.00 CUC Standard
245.00 CUC Minivan
170.00 CUC Classic
Varadero Airport Booking Taxi: Viñales - Varadero Airport 355 Km
4 Hours
241.00 CUC Standard
312.00 CUC Minivan
155.00 CUC Classic

Learn about: Viñales

ViñalesThe Viñales Valley is a geographical accident located in the province of Pinar del Río, westernmost part of Cuba. Located in the Sierra de los Órganos, most western part of the Guaniguanico mountain range. This valley and great part of the surrounding mountain range was approved in 1999 as one of the National Parks of Cuba and in December of that same year was declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by Unesco.
It is located in the municipality of Viñales which is one of the 11 municipalities with which the province counts, exactly in the center of the municipality. Located 178 Km from Havana and 25 Km from Pinar del Río.


Mural de la PrehistoriaMural of the Prehistory
In the valley of Dos Hermanas, we can find the Mural of Prehistory, which is painted on a stone of one of the elevations. This mural shows the evolution of life in the natural sense in Cuba.
The Mural of Prehistory is located in the mogote called Pita. It can be found on a perpendicular slope which was cleaned earlier to be able to do this work, the rock was washed and drains were also made in it a little to avoid erosion in the future due to the rain. It extends to length of the valley by 120 and the 160 meters of length, its author was Leovigildo González Morillo, already deceased, who was Director of Cartography of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.
In it are represented guanahatabeyes Indians, species of mammals, gigantic animals, as well as some mollusks.
In the Mural can be seen in 12 pieces the evolutionary process of men and animals in the Sierra de los Organs, in its different stages.
As a peculiar feature we have to paint or retouch the existing paint in it covers a complicated and risky process that takes 5 years to complete, is painted entirely by brush.

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