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Transfer Prices from: Cienfuegos
Destinations Distance
Price CUC
1 CUC = 1.149 USD
Cayo Guillermo Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Cayo Guillermo 358 Km
4.30 Hours
248.00 CUC Standard
319.00 CUC Minivan
248.00 CUC Classic
Cayo Santa María Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Cayo Santa María 188 Km
2.30 Hours
137.00 CUC Standard
175.00 CUC Minivan
115.00 CUC Classic
Havana Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Havana 260 Km
3 Hours
140.00 CUC Standard
195.00 CUC Minivan
150.00 CUC Classic
Havana Airport Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Havana Airport 260 Km
3.30 Hours
140.00 CUC Standard
195.00 CUC Minivan
150.00 CUC Classic
Jibacoa - Santa Cruz del Norte Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Jibacoa - Santa Cruz del Norte 300 Km
4 Hours
160.00 CUC Standard
Las terrazas Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Las terrazas 332 Km
4 Hours
226.00 CUC Standard
292.00 CUC Minivan
135.00 CUC Classic
María la gorda Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - María la gorda 595 Km
7 Hours
397.00 CUC Standard
516.00 CUC Minivan
260.00 CUC Classic
Pinar del Rio Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Pinar del Rio 445 Km
5 Hours
299.00 CUC Standard
388.00 CUC Minivan
180.00 CUC Classic
Santa Clara Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Santa Clara 98 Km
1 Hours
74.00 CUC Standard
93.00 CUC Minivan
60.00 CUC Classic
Soroa Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Soroa 345 Km
4 Hours
234.00 CUC Standard
303.00 CUC Minivan
140.00 CUC Classic
Trinidad Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Trinidad 85 Km
1 Hours
65.00 CUC Standard
85.00 CUC Minivan
65.00 CUC Classic
Varadero Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Varadero 200 Km
3 Hours
140.00 CUC Standard
180.00 CUC Minivan
100.00 CUC Classic
Varadero Airport Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Varadero Airport 215 Km
3 Hours
135.00 CUC Standard
180.00 CUC Minivan
155.00 CUC Classic
Viñales Booking Taxi: Cienfuegos - Viñales 475 Km
5 Hours
280.00 CUC Standard
310.00 CUC Minivan

Learn about: Cienfuegos

CienfuegosLa Ciudad de The city of Cienfuegos, also known as the Pearl of the South, is the second most important port in Cuba and capital of the province of the same name. It owes its origin to the interest of the Spanish colonial authorities to develop new cities on the island.
On April 22, 1819, at sunrise, Don Luis De Clouet, adorned with his insignia and surrounded by neighbors who listened to him on his knees, took possession of the lands in the name of His Majesty the King of Spain.
In 1829 the name of Fernandina de Jagua was replaced by that of Cienfuegos, in honor of the Captain General of the Island, Don Jose Cienfuegos Jovellanos, who had done much for the town and under whose name the colony was founded. The Town Hall and Villa's title were awarded in 1829 and acquired the status of city in 1880. It is the capital of the province of the same name since 1976, with the new political-administrative division of the country.

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