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Transfer Prices from: Holguín
Destinations Distance
Price CUC
1 CUC = 1.149 USD
Havana Booking Taxi: Holguín - Havana 737 Km
10 Hours
489.00 CUC Standard
636.00 CUC Minivan
489.00 CUC Classic
Santa Clara Booking Taxi: Holguín - Santa Clara 470 Km
6 Hours
360.00 CUC Standard
Santa Clara Airport Booking Taxi: Holguín - Santa Clara Airport 470 Km
6 Hours
360.00 CUC Standard

Learn about: Holguín

  Holguin, province of eastern Cuba whose city head of the same name is also known as the city of parks. It was in Holguin where Christopher Columbus pronounced the famous phrase "It is the most beautiful Earth that human eyes have seen". The beauty of its beaches, the exuberant vegetation, its history and its culture have made this city the fourth most important tourist destination on the island. Among its main attractions is the coral reef, perfect for snorkeling, the Guardalavaca, Esmeralda, Pesquero and Don Lino beaches, the Naranjo Bay Natural Park and its aquarium, Cayo Saetía ideal for ecological tourism, the Taíno village, the Loma de la Cruz, the Historic Center of the City and much more.

Pictures of Holguín

Playa Guardalavaca, HonguinCayo Saetía, HolguinCayo Saetía, HolguinCayo Saetía, HolguinCayo Saetía, Holguin
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