Steps to reserve

Forms of payment available

Credit Card

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard , American Express, and many more.

Bank deposit (Only select this form of payment if you are in Cuba)

Bank deposit in Cuba. You must go to any bank in Cuba with the money in CUC and keep annotated the data of our magnetic card of the Metropolitano Bank.
If you have a magnetic card that operates in Cuba, you can transfer it to our card from an ATM.

Postal Order (Only select this form of payment if you are in Cuba)

The postal money orders can be made from any postal mail in Cuba, but only pay in national currency MN, in addition 1 money order can only send up to 300 MN, which is equivalent to 12 CUC. The exchange rate is 1 CUC = 25 MN.

Personalmente (Si está en La Habana)

If you are in Havana, you can make the payment in person, just need to contact us through our telephone numbers:
Or write to our email:


We have 2 places where you can go to make the payment. If you want we send an employee to collect you wherever you are, this costs an extra depending on where you are.