Booking Taxi from: Havana Airport to: Melia Varadero Hotel

Booking Taxi from: Havana Airport to: Melia Varadero Hotel

Booking Taxi from: Havana Airport to: Melia Varadero Hotel
Distance: 180 km
Travel time: 2.30 Hours

($) Standard (1-3 PAX): 120 EUR
($) VIP (high comfort) (1-3 PAX): 140 EUR
($) Classic (3 PAX): 130 EUR
($) Minivan (1-7 PAX): 160 EUR
($) Plus per night
(20:00 H - 6:00 H) : 10 EUR

We charge extra for reserving on holiday dates, how year ends and other holiday dates in Cuba and the world. If you book on any of these dates you will see an extra cost in your reservation.

What we include for the cost of your transfer:
1- Wait and welcome with your name in a signal to identify, on arrival at the airport.
2- 60 min. waiting in the airport and 15 min. waiting on the premises of a hotel or other specified place. 
3- Client delivery in any area within the city.
4- Stops on the way of your trip, if it is more than 45 minutes.
5- Toll roads
6- Transshipment in case of car breakage.

About your suitcases:
- You must choose the type of transport according to the number of passengers and the suitcases with which you travel. If you choose a car type that does not fit the suitcases, you must pay for a larger car or 2 cars.

What should you do if you do not find the driver of your car?
- If your flight undergoes any change and you have difficulty finding the driver, you must call the emergency number, this phone is on your Voucher. To call you can use a public telephone or ask someone to lend your mobile phone, from a mobile phone, you can call at no cost (this is not possible from public telephones), by dialing: * 99 + emergency number , The cost of the call runs by us. If you do not call the emergency phone number and get into another taxi, you do not have the right to reimburse the payment previously made.

(Opcional) Taxi in Cuba provides an exclusive currency exchange service to our clients. You will not need to queue at CADECA (currency exchange house in Cuba) upon arrival at the airport, in addition to that the change in CADECA is:
1 USD = 0.87 CUC (for every 100 USD you receive in CADECA 87 CUC)
Our service has a better price:
1 USD = 0.90 CUC (For every 100 USD you receive 90 CUC) .
You must request in your reservation the amount of USD you wish to change so that our taxi driver takes the money ready for you upon your arrival.
At the moment we only accept USD for this service.
In addition we only accept tickets of 100 USD or more, we do not accept tickets of smaller denomination. Your request must be a multiple of 100

Mobile phone rental for your stay in Cuba

If you book with us all your taxis in Cuba until your return to the airport, we can rent a mobile phone with Cuban line and internet service, so that you are always in touch with us and your family.
You can make the request for this mobile in your reservation, when filling in the reservation form you should check the option: Rent a mobile with Cubacel line during your stay.

Price of mobile rental:
The cost of mobile phone rental is 10 CUC if your stay in Cuba is less than or equal to 10 days, if you want to rent the mobile for more than 10 days, the price is 1 CUC per day.
You can request the balance you want on your mobile, the minimum balance is 20 CUC.


In addition, you can optionally request an internet package on your mobile with the following costs:
600 MG: 7 CUC
1 GB: 10 CUC
2.5 GB: 20 CUC
4 GB: 30 CUC



Cost of calls: Calls from Mobile in Cuba are expensive.
Local calls cost 35 cents CUC per minute.
International calls:


Price x Min in CUC

North, Central and South America (Venezuela is excluded)




Rest of the world




To make an international call, you must prefix the exit code: 119
For example, if you are going to call the United States on the number: 1709898654 you should dial: 1191709898654

We recommend that you do not make international calls unless it is necessary because of the high cost of those calls. To communicate outside of Cuba you can use the Internet, Messenger, WhatApp or you can request a software for VOIP calls (iTelMobileDialer) with already incorporated balance with which you can call any country in the world at low cost through the internet.


Call our agency free of charge:
You can call us free of charge, for this you will have our contacts on your mobile, we can arrange accommodation, taxi, tours and everything you may need that is in our hands.

If your balance runs out, you can request to recharge your mobile, you just have to call us and make the request, then you can pay the day of the delivery of the mobile.

Delivery of the mobile:
You must deliver the phone to the driver of the taxi that will take you to the airport, it is essential that this taxi be contracted with us and not against the agency.

In case of loss or breakage of the mobile:
If you lose or break your mobile you must pay 100 CUC.

Learn about: Melia Varadero Hotel


This exquisite beach resort is located a few meters from the Varadero Golf Club and the Plaza América Convention Center. Its beautiful building welcomes spaces of gardens, relaxation areas, art galleries and expo-sale of handicrafts

From the balconies and spacious terraced terraces of your rooms you will enjoy an excellent view of the spa

Find in its restaurants and bars a wide variety of gastronomic offerings, among which an attractive Teppanyaki, Steak House and grill spaces, as well as the Piano Bar and the Snack Bar with 24-hour service.

If you want to add more luxury to your stay our service The Level is the perfect option, with exclusive floor, personalized attention, preferential reservations and free WiFi. The Level Grand Suite, located on the top floor, is a true oasis with a terrace with great views and a hot tub

We offer you a variety of entertainment options, among which a modern Miniclub for children and teenagers stands out; cozy swimming pool with jacuzzi, waterfalls, splash areas, resting palapas and solarium platform; program of daily activities and nautical point on the beach.

We specialize in the attention to business and leisure groups, events, meetings, congresses and incentives. For this we have formats with capacities from 24 to 500 people in different fully equipped rooms, as well as ideal alternative locations for banquets and weddings

Its circular lobby with natural light and 3 panoramic elevators overlooking an artificial lagoon with beautiful gardens are a total attraction of this 5-star All Inclusive holiday resort, located within the Las Américas Resort complex, between Meliá Las Américas and Sol Palmeras , a few meters from the Varadero Golf Club and next to the Plaza América Convention Center.

Pictures of Melia Varadero Hotel

Melia Varadero
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