Booking Taxi from: Havana Airport to: Cayo Santa María

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Booking Taxi from: Havana Airport to: Cayo Santa María

Booking Taxi from: Havana Airport to: Cayo Santa María
Distance: 399 km
Travel time: 5 Hours

Exchange rate: 1 CUC = 1.149 USD
($) Standard (1-3 PAX): 230.00 CUC = 264.27 USD
($) Minivan (4-7 PAX): 280.00 CUC = 321.72 USD
($) Classic (3 PAX): 230.00 CUC = 264.27 USD
($) Prepay Online: 1.00 CUC = 1.15 USD
($) Plus per night (09:00 PM - 06:00 AM) : 10.00 CUC = 11.49 USD

We charge extra for reserving on holiday dates, how year ends and other holiday dates in Cuba and the world. If you book on any of these dates you will see an extra cost in your reservation.

What we include for the cost of your transfer:
1- Wait and welcome with your name in a signal to identify, on arrival at the airport.
2- 60 min. waiting in the airport and 15 min. waiting on the premises of a hotel or other specified place. 
3- Client delivery in any area within the city.
4- Stops on the way of your trip, if it is more than 45 minutes.
5- Toll roads
6- Transshipment in case of car breakage.

About your suitcases:
- You must choose the type of transport according to the number of passengers and the suitcases with which you travel. If you choose a car type that does not fit the suitcases, you must pay for a larger car or 2 cars.

What should you do if you do not find the driver of your car?
- If your flight undergoes any change and you have difficulty finding the driver, you must call the emergency number, this phone is on your Voucher. To call you can use a public telephone or ask someone to lend your mobile phone, from a mobile phone, you can call at no cost (this is not possible from public telephones), by dialing: * 99 + emergency number , The cost of the call runs by us. If you do not call the emergency phone number and get into another taxi, you do not have the right to reimburse the payment previously made.

Exchange rate in Cuba
You should know that the Banco de Cuba applies the 10% levy on the US dollar. That's why the exchange rate is:

1 CUC = 1.149 USD

Transfer Prices from: Cayo Santa María

Destinations Distance
Price CUC
1 CUC = 1.149 USD
Cienfuegos Booking Taxi: Cayo Santa María - Cienfuegos 188 Km
2.30 Hours
137.00 CUC Standard
175.00 CUC Minivan
115.00 CUC Classic
Havana Booking Taxi: Cayo Santa María - Havana 399 Km
5 Hours
230.00 CUC Standard
280.00 CUC Minivan
230.00 CUC Classic
Havana Airport Booking Taxi: Cayo Santa María - Havana Airport 399 Km
5 Hours
230.00 CUC Standard
280.00 CUC Minivan
230.00 CUC Classic
Trinidad Booking Taxi: Cayo Santa María - Trinidad 211 Km
3 Hours
115.00 CUC Standard
160.00 CUC Minivan
115.00 CUC Classic
Varadero Booking Taxi: Cayo Santa María - Varadero 339 Km
4 Hours
190.00 CUC Standard
240.00 CUC Minivan
195.00 CUC Classic

Learn about: Cayo Santa María

Cayo Santa María Cayo Santa María. Located northeast of Villa Clara province, in the center of Cuba, it is a paradisiac island of the cayería, known as "The White Rose of the Gardens of the King" of the Archipelago Sabana-Camagüey. This paradise - until very recently almost secret - is reached through a road built on a rocky base deposited on the seabed.

With a length of 48 km from the vicinity of the town of Caibarién to Cayo Santa Maria and 46 bridges designed to maintain the normal flow of water and marine fauna and not cause damage to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, this road is an engineering work Significant that deserved the Prize Puente de Alcántara to the best civil work Ibero-American.

Its coasts line 10 km of beaches of the best quality among which stand out Pearl White, Las Caletas, Canyon and Cuatro Punta, with cliffs of background that enhance its beauty. The beaches of Cayo Santa María offer a special tourist service to the people who visit it, "tourism of sun and beach" fundamentally, this, without neglecting other natural alternatives, that could strengthen its exploitation at the expense of the particularities of the landscapes, that in Its territory shows a large number of opportunities for the interests of flora and fauna in its conservation, observation and rational exploitation.

Hotels in Cayo Santa María
Cayo Santa María has 5 hotels in operation, 4 of them operated by the hotel chain Sol Melía and one operated by the Barceló chain.

Meliá Las Dunas
Hotel Melia Las Dunas. This 5 star hotel opened in January 2006. Located in the newest tourist area of Cayo Santa María, known for its calm beaches, crystal clear waters and the beauty of the unspoiled.

Meliá Cayo Santa María
Hotel Meliá Cayo Santa María. 5 star category, All Inclusive. Designed especially for the enjoyment of couples and families, surrounded by beautiful beaches and lush tropical vegetation.

Sol Club Cayo Santa María
Hotel Sol Club Cayo Santa María. Set on over thirty acres of tropical gardens and beside a beautiful white sand beach, it is the perfect retreat.

Meliá Buenavista
Hotel Meliá Buenavista. It is category 5 stars, all inclusive. This newly opened hotel has 105 rooms, of which 57 have sea views and 17 are bungalows, 3 bars, 3 restaurants (a beach restaurant, a buffet restaurant and a restaurant specializing in international food) And also has other facilities such as satellite TV in all rooms, internet and fax service, business center, 2 swimming pools, day and night entertainment, water sports, jacuzzi, gym, etc.
Hotel Barceló Cayo Santa María
Hotel Barceló Cayo Santa María, 5 stars, all inclusive, 684 rooms with satellite TV, internet and fax service, 6 restaurants and 4 bars, 4 swimming pools (2 adults and 2 children), gym, business center, sports Nautical, day and night entertainment, etc.

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