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Transfer Prices from: Varadero
Destinations Distance
Price CUC
1 CUC = 1.149 USD
Cayo Guillermo Booking Taxi: Varadero - Cayo Guillermo 537 Km
7.00 Hours
369.00 CUC Standard
476.00 CUC Minivan
369.00 CUC Classic
Cayo Santa María Booking Taxi: Varadero - Cayo Santa María 339 Km
4 Hours
190.00 CUC Standard
240.00 CUC Minivan
195.00 CUC Classic
Cienfuegos Booking Taxi: Varadero - Cienfuegos 200 Km
3 Hours
140.00 CUC Standard
180.00 CUC Minivan
100.00 CUC Classic
Havana Booking Taxi: Varadero - Havana 180 Km
2.30 Hours
100.00 CUC Standard
140.00 CUC Minivan
100.00 CUC Classic
Havana Airport Booking Taxi: Varadero - Havana Airport 180 Km
2.30 Hours
100.00 CUC Standard
140.00 CUC Minivan
100.00 CUC Classic
Pinar del Rio Booking Taxi: Varadero - Pinar del Rio 370 Km
4.30 Hours
251.00 CUC Standard
325.00 CUC Minivan
165.00 CUC Classic
Santa Clara Booking Taxi: Varadero - Santa Clara 227 Km
2.30 Hours
140.00 CUC Standard
180.00 CUC Minivan
140.00 CUC Classic
Trinidad Booking Taxi: Varadero - Trinidad 260 Km
3.30 Hours
180.00 CUC Standard
230.00 CUC Minivan
Varadero Airport Booking Taxi: Varadero - Varadero Airport 44 Km
45 min
40.00 CUC Standard
50.00 CUC Minivan
Viñales Booking Taxi: Varadero - Viñales 400 Km
4.30 Hours
155.00 CUC Standard
245.00 CUC Minivan
170.00 CUC Classic

Learn about: Varadero

VaraderoVaradero is a city of Cuba belonging to the municipality Cárdenas, located in the peninsula of Hicacos, province Matanzas to 130 kilometers to the east of Havana. To the northeast Punta Hicacos is the most northerly place in Cuba. It is a special territory of the Republic of Cuba. It is the closest point to the United States, it has 30 km of extension, of which 22 km are beaches.The beach of Varadero stretches along the narrow peninsula (between 700 and 1,200 m wide).

Its 22 km of beach are characterized by a strip of fine white sand and a gentle descent of its platform towards the sea. Varadero, which is free port, has conditions for the practice of diving, fishing, yatching, all kinds of nautical activity, skydiving and a congress center. International flights arrive at Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport (second of the country by number of passengers), which is approximately 20 km from the peninsula.

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